In home Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care based in Tauranga

Dementia can be a difficult condition both for the loved one and the family around them. While there is not currently a cure we have an approach of helping your loved one maintain a high quality of life even when they are faced with the daily challenges of memory loss.

From the research we have seen we believe the best place for a person with memory loss is in their familiar surroundings where possible. Being at home makes us feel secure rather than in a foreign environment.

Our aim at Golden Years Homecare is to:

  • Help encourage and maintain routine

  • Prepare nutritious meals

  • Encourage light exercise where possible

  • Create social interaction

  • Provide mind stimulating activities

  • Provide support to the family

We are passionate about supporting people living with dementia. If you would like our assistance or just want to talk to someone about your loved one’s condition please contact us either by phone or email.